5 Alternatives To Online Dating

written by Fred Campos

Online dating isn’t for everyone. You may find the whole process of swiping left and right shallow or you may find yourself getting depressed by the constant rejection every time you message someone and get no reply. You may find it way too addictive or you may struggle to make time for it. Whatever your reason for not getting on with online dating, there are plenty of other options to explore. Below are a few popular alternatives to online dating.

1. Alternatives to Online Dating: Speed Dating

Speed dating events allow you to meet lots of single people in your area face-to-face within a short period of time. You’re usually only given a minute or two to introduce yourself to each person. At the end, everyone is given a chance to mingle – this is the perfect time to go back to those people that you felt there was a connection with (and possibly grab their number). 

2. Phone Dating

There are a number of specialist phone lines set up that allow you to connect to fellow single people in your area and get to know one another over the phone. If you’re the type of person that gets more out of an oral conversation than instant messaging, you could find that this is a much more effective alternative to online dating. There are individual phone lines set up for meeting people of the same ethnicity such as Black phone-chat lines and Asian phone-chat lines. There are also chat-up lines for meeting people in certain professions or people practicing certain religions.

3. Alternatives to Online Dating: Professional Matchmakers

You could get a professional matchmaker to arrange a date for you. Matchmaking companies work a bit like online dating sites in the fact that everyone sets up their own profile. However, instead of approaching and messaging potential matches yourself, a matchmaker works out the profile that is most likely to match yours. This gets rid of the awkwardness of having to reach out to people and instigate a date.

4. Singles Clubs/Singles Events

Singles clubs are social groups designed to help single people in the local area to mix. These groups may meet up for coffee once per week or they may plan activities together once per month. Many of these groups are targeted at certain age ranges, making it easier to find people of a certain age. There are also singles events at pubs and nightclubs that can be a great way of meeting other single people. There are even hotels and cruises targeted at singles.

5. Alternatives to Online Dating: Any Social Opportunity

Any social event or group is a chance to potentially meet a new partner. While socialising can be expensive – and potentially draining if you’re an introvert – you should try to take advantage of it as much as possible. Everyday social events could allow you to be yourself and form natural relationships, instead of having to compete with other singles and play the dating ‘game’. You may even be able to get friends to play matchmaker.
What would you add to the list for alternatives to online dating?
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