3 Tips For Separated Parents to Make Their Kids Feel at Home

written by Fred Campos
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Divorce is one of the hardest experiences in life. But it can be particularly tough for the children involved. They have to cope with the two people they love most in the world separating, and having their lives turned upside down. And to make it harder, they may not fully understand what has happened, or have the requisite language to process and speak about the event.

As a divorced parent, it is your job to help your child cope with the divorce and maintain a sense of normalcy. But this can be hard when things are changing so much, especially when you and your ex-partner are moving to separate homes.

Whether you have relocated to a new house, or are staying in your previous home without your former spouse, it’s important to ensure your child can settle in and feel comfortable. Take steps to ensure they feel at home and that things aren’t so different from before. Here are three tips for helping your little one to get settled.

Get Them Involved

Simply whisking a child off to a new home and telling them that this is where they live can be overwhelming. To make the transition easier, it’s a good idea to get them involved in the process. When hunting for a new home, show them the properties you are looking at and ask them their opinion. What do they like about this house? What features aren’t so great? Could they see themselves living here? Take your child with you to view houses and show them where they would be staying if you were to buy it. This will help them to get a bit more excited about the move and ensure the transition is not too sudden.

Separated Parents – Make it Comfortable

Your child may be understandably apprehensive about starting their new life, so you want to ensure they are as comfortable as possible. This means ensuring their new bedroom is decorated and kitted out with their favorite things. You should also expedite the moving process so they are moving into a proper home, rather than a space full of boxes and unpainted walls. Make sure you do all necessary DIY straight away, whether that’s installing a new heating element, building furniture, or putting up shelves.

Take Baby Steps

Your divorce is undoubtedly a huge event for you and your ex-partner, so imagine how it feels to a young child who has not yet experienced much of the world. Everything they know is changing and the whole family dynamic will be completely different from now on. It’s important to give them as much of a sense of stability as you can. So once you have moved into your new place, allow them to enjoy some routine for a while. There will come a time when you meet a new partner, but you shouldn’t rush this. Take your time meeting new people and make sure your child is ready to handle it when you decide to introduce them. Take baby steps.

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